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What We Do

We Offer Backpacking Workshops.

Our backpacking workshops combine a backcountry adventure with education and hiker comradery. If you want to get involved in backpacking but aren't sure where to start, our workshops are a perfect choice. We specifically design these programs for beginner and intermediate backpackers.

Our guides are highly experienced and certified. Our guides have thousands of miles of backpacking experience. For every trip at least one guide is a certified Wilderness First Responder. All of our guides are trained in Leave No Trace. Most are Leave No Trace educators. Many of our guides are employed full time in the outdoor recreation industry.

Backpacking techniques and ethics change over time. Have you taken a training program years ago, like CPR, only to discover techniques have changed over time? The same is true with backpacking. Learn the most up-to-date methods from the experts. We are avid proponents of Leave No Trace.

We Do Private Guided Backpacking Trips.

Looking for a backcountry guide for your group or team? We offer private client trips to a variety of beautiful destinations. We tailor each trip to the desires of the participants. Some of our more popular destinations are:

  • The Appalachian Trail
  • Red River Gorge - Kentucky
  • The Sheltowee Trace - Kentucky
  • The Moonbow Trail & Cumberland River - Kentucky
  • The Rockcastle Narrows - Kentucky
  • Carter Caves State Park - Kentucky
  • Foothills Trail - South Carolina
  • The Buckeye Trail - Ohio
  • Hocking Hills Region - Ohio
  • Zaleski Backpack Trail - Ohio
  • Shawnee Backpack Trail - Ohio
  • Twin Valley Trail - Ohio

Interested in a Ladies Only adventure? We offer trips just for the ladies. Our experienced (female) guides would be happy to take your group on a backcountry adventure.

We Give Programs, Presentations and Workshops.

Let us give a presentation to your group! Topics include:

  • The Appalachian Trail
  • The Buckeye Trail (Ohio)
  • The Superior Hiking Trail (Minnesota)
  • The Orark Highlands Trail (Arkansas)
  • The Colorado Trail
  • The Ohio To Erie Trail (Ohio)
  • The Long Trail (Vermont)
  • The Sheltowee Trace (Kentucky)
  • Leave No Trace Trainer Programs
  • Leave No Trace Awareness Workshops
  • Hiking 101
  • Backpacking 101
  • Long-Distance Hiking: Planning and Preparation
  • Using Smartphones in The Backcountry for Safety, Comfort & Just Plain Fun

We Are Experts In Trip Planning.

Have a trip planned on the Appalachian Trail or other long trail? Need some guidance on planning your trip? We can help.

Andy "Captain Blue" has hiked over 8,400 miles on the Appalachian Trail and can provide valuable information on locations, routes, terrain, shelters, gear, water sources, great campsites, resupply points, shuttle logistics and how to safely hitchhike to and from town.

Remember the first principle of Leave No Trace -- Plan Ahead and Prepare -- let us help with that.

Contact us for rates and availability.

I loved the 'can do' attitude, no matter the experience level of the client. They gave me a lot of confidence that no matter your experience level or physical fitness level, this can be done.Traci B.